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Re: Tape looping/sequencing

>there was a pretty good overview of razor editing in an issue of tape op a
>while back, maybe it was early this year or late 99... that'd be as good a
>place to start as any. but fasten yr seatbelt when you go shopping for a
>block, my 1/2 inch editall ran me about $90. and it might not be too easy
>to get yr hands on splicing tape & leader either, depending on where you
Speaking of tape op and splicing tape, there's a great anecdote in the new
issue from Phill Brown. He was doing a splice on the 2" master of Marley
and the Wailers "I Shot the Sheriff", one of the band member handed him an
enormous spliff, and while he was smoking, a seed popped and sent some hot
ashes onto the tape, which melted several inches of the master, and it was
part that they intended to use. In this day and age of digital editing,
it's good to be reminded of the old days, when you had one chance to get it

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