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Re: Tape looping/sequencing

Not as bad as you might think considering the tape was probably running at
least 15 ips- 2 inches would be a fraction of a second- and there is no
chance the tape will "crash". I am digital myself but still love the whole
analog system- I am often driven to madness by software problems- a fresh
all-audio box will be in the works for me...

..the moral is- clean your herb RIGHT the first time!


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From: Dave Trenkel <improv@peak.org>
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Date: Thursday, December 07, 2000 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: Tape looping/sequencing

>>there was a pretty good overview of razor editing in an issue of tape op 
>>while back, maybe it was early this year or late 99... that'd be as good 
>>place to start as any. but fasten yr seatbelt when you go shopping for a
>>block, my 1/2 inch editall ran me about $90. and it might not be too easy
>>to get yr hands on splicing tape & leader either, depending on where you
>Speaking of tape op and splicing tape, there's a great anecdote in the new
>issue from Phill Brown. He was doing a splice on the 2" master of Marley
>and the Wailers "I Shot the Sheriff", one of the band member handed him an
>enormous spliff, and while he was smoking, a seed popped and sent some hot
>ashes onto the tape, which melted several inches of the master, and it was
>part that they intended to use. In this day and age of digital editing,
>it's good to be reminded of the old days, when you had one chance to get 
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