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Re: Tape looping/sequencing

hi all,

just out of curiosity...

why do you folks want to do tape loops?  i think i would get it if 
you already had experience with tape loops and splicing and such, and 
had access to the equipment.  but if you're a total beginner to it, 
and don't have any equipment and such...what is the attraction to it 
from a creative point of view?

i would be interested...especially since we make alot of noise on 
this list about User Interfaces and 'instant gratification' sort of 
subjects...like "why won't this machine think like i do, so i don't 
have to change the way i like to work".

as a newbie to tape splicing and looping, it would seem that the 
learning curve would be pretty steep to 'get it right' and the 
potential to get bogged down in the 'process' of making tape loops 
could outweigh the creative output.  i'm just imagining how long it 
would take me to create a tape loop that would yield the same results 
that my DL4 would give me in a matter of seconds.

also, the methodology of tape looping isn't really 'original' at this 
point.  people have struggled for years with the limitations of the 
technology.  what drives you to do it yourself?

i'm not slagging on your interest....far from it.  i would just be 
interested in why you're attracted to it.  the 'sound' of tape?  the 
unexpected results based on the margin of error?  the mechanics of 
building the loop?