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Re: Tape looping/sequencing

Could just be a desire to experience the process in a more tactile way.
Literally touching the recording has a kind of appeal, though I confess I
haven't done tape loops myself I can remember the old "record pause rewind
repeat" style loops before I had anything else to work with. Something was
satisfying about it, even though today it would seem really inferior to
sampling something destroying it and cropping it in soundforge and being
done with it. I don't think either way is right or wrong, I can see the
appeal of each, maybe people are just interested in the contrast.  Plus,
when I listen to old stuff like Reich's "come out" it does intrigue me,
maybe the limitations are a way to force creativity.

okay done rambling



> why do you folks want to do tape loops?  i think i would get it if
> you already had experience with tape loops and splicing and such, and
> had access to the equipment.  but if you're a total beginner to it,
> and don't have any equipment and such...what is the attraction to it
> from a creative point of view?