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Re: Tape looping/sequencing

 I can totally understand where you're coming from- why spend so long
making a tape loop when you can easily do it in one second with a
sampler? I like the imperfections of analog equipment versus the
perfection of digital equipment. This goes for synths, analog delays,
and also sampling/sequncing. I'm basing this on my personal experiences
using digital and analog equipment and especially listening to records
that use analog versus digital equipment. To me, a simple tape loop is
much more stimulating to listen to than a computer-sequence. I'm not
knocking anyone who uses computers or hardware sequncers, this is just
my personal taste. Besides the aesthetic part, it's more economical for
me to do it with tape, it's hundreds of dollars cheaper than a computer
or hardware sequencer, and like I said- I prefer the (imperfect) sound
of analog versus digital.  One more thing- in a live setting you don't
have to wait for a tape sequence to load up.