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Hey Alyosha,   My name is Rick Walker and I am a professional 
drummer who has been looping live for about 7 years.   I have used three 
(or jampersons as we call them in politically correct Santa Cruz) and have 
purchased two of the LINE 6 DM4 Modeller footpedals.

I can't rave about them enough!!!   If they had any midi syncing 
capabilities (which they
don't, unfortunately) I would sell my jampersons in an instant.

A friend of mine (a very creative Looping Acoustic/Electric Bassist by the 
name of
Max Valentino) just bought one for the best price I've heard yet ($239.00) 
Mars Music.

>From my experience it would be good to put a mic preamp before the pedal 
>and you can get
a really cheap, physically small one from Behringer for under $100.
I have mics into channels one and two and panned hard left and right, then 
the left
channel goes to one DM4 and the right channel goes to a Digitech Whammy 
Pedal (simple
octave up/down harmonization) and then into the DM4.   It's all on a pedal 
board:  very
Good luck in the looping world.  If you end up having any problems don't 
hesitate to
e-mail me for help.

Yours,   Rick