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Re: The Curse of Knob-Twiddling

Getting some talented live dancers who know your music is a real eye 
catcher.  Start building a light show.  Build it with MIDI control and 
it to video.  The Tent could be an elaborate cloth backdrop.  You could 
8 or 16 mm film loops on it or a slides.  Just some brainstorms...

I think you could easily do better than Aphex Twin who just sits on a 
with his lap top and brings on a bunch of lame dancing Bears (he obviously 
never watched the real "Dancing Bear" on Captain Kangaroo), Yawn.
As for offending anyone, I guess that depends on how you present yourself 
and who you are playing to.  People are bored, be exciting.

Nick Wilson

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<< does anyone have any suggestions/comments about what to do to "jazz" up 
  necessarily knob-twiddling performance? >>

jonathan.........ive been thinking about this also..........i have this 
need to go out and play and i was thinking i need some "schtick" (sp?) to
make it work.........im thinking of playing in a small tent with images 
projected thru the walls.........do you think this would upset
anyone?......... funny hats work sometimes........i got to come up with
something soon, i may have a gig in mid jan...........michael

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