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Re: The Curse of Knob-Twiddling

Don't forget your slippers and a nice tabby cat - but don't fall asleep!
Invite your audience in for crumpets that'd help to cosy up the atmosphere.


> I think antique furniture and tea cosies set a very nice mood... Just 
out, sit down in an easy chair, and act like you're in your living room. 
course your living room may be bristling with hi-tech gear, but hey... 
blend with the homey atmosphere plus you'll have some nice tea to sooth 
jangled nerves.)
> A little pounding on the gear, like it's not working properly, adds a
certain element of intrigue and tension as well... Just like dad with the
old tv set.
> Do NOT preen or affect any other obvious superior airs...
> Become one with your audience...
> enough...
> -Miko
> >>> Nemoguitt@aol.com 12/08/00 03:32PM >>>
> In a message dated 00-12-08 14:38:49 EST, you write:
> << does anyone have any suggestions/comments about what to do to "jazz" 
>  necessarily knob-twiddling performance? >>
> jonathan.........ive been thinking about this also..........i have this
> need to go out and play and i was thinking i need some "schtick" (sp?) to
> make it work.........im thinking of playing in a small tent with images
> projected thru the walls.........do you think this would upset
> anyone?......... funny hats work sometimes........i got to come up with
> something soon, i may have a gig in mid jan...........michael