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Re: The Curse of Knob-Twiddling

> << does anyone have any suggestions/comments about what to do to "jazz" 
>up a
>  necessarily knob-twiddling performance? >>
> jonathan.........ive been thinking about this also..........im thinking 
>of playing in a small tent with images being projected thru the 
>walls.........do you think this would upset
> anyone?........

hints from pseudo buddha:

fire works nicely.
have crazy people do things while you loop
have a nice looking woman accompany you while you loop.
oil & water light show or intellibeams.
fine-looking hippy chicks undulating to the drone (makes guys pay to get 
plants & faux-oriental rugs will impress the granola babes (keep the fire 
away from the plants, though)

> Just come out, sit down in an easy chair, and act like you're in your 
>living room. (Of course your living room may be bristling with hi-tech 
>gear, but hey... it'll blend with the homey atmosphere plus you'll have 
>some nice tea to sooth your jangled nerves.)

that's how my living room really is; no couch, just gear, some pillows. i 
don't socialize much.

> Become one with your audience...

aum. ohm. ooogolly.