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Re: The Curse of Knob-Twiddling

>I think antique furniture and tea cosies set a very nice mood... 
>Just come out, sit down in an easy chair, and act like you're in 
>your living room. (Of course your living room may be bristling with 
>hi-tech gear, but hey...

read an article recently that this reminded me of.  it was an 
interview/article on The Thievery Corporation...one of the 
remix/dub/dj duo's currently garnering alot of press and praise (and 
i totally dig their new record 'the mirror conspiracy'...highly 

anyways, on their recent tour, they set up the equipment, get the 
sound going, and then come out in front of the setup where there are 
a couple of chairs, some martini's, and some cigarettes.  they just 
sit down and let the music go...

i guess this could be seen as snobbish, but i liked their 
explanation.  they said that the 'art' of remixing is not a 
performance.  it's a lot of time and work done in the studio 
twiddling knobs, cutting, pasting, restructuring, etc.  so why should 
they fake it onstage and act like they're bouncing around doing alot 
of work that's actually done in the studio?