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Re: The Curse of Knob-Twiddling

In a message dated 12/8/00 7:11:09 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
rich@nuvisionsca.com writes:

<< anyways, on their recent tour, they set up the equipment, get the 
 sound going, and then come out in front of the setup where there are 
 a couple of chairs, some martini's, and some cigarettes.  they just 
 sit down and let the music go... >>

This reminds me of a story that I heard Robert Fripp relate about a gig 
and Brian Eno played in a bullring in Spain in the early 70's (Basque 
with automatic weapons greeted them at the airport upon deplaning).They
had finished actively inputing anything into the tape loop and left the 
for a
press box overlooking the arena whilst the tape loop played on. Peering 
between the slats of the blinds they were noticed and a figure approached 
box and inquired through the window in an American accent "Hey guys is the 
show over?"
to which Eno replied "Well it is for us, but not for you".

As to what to do to look interesting on stage while knob twiddling......
I've heard Fripp's soundscape gigs likened to watching an air traffic 
at work.......minus the life and death element of chance as it were.

Live performance like print media will be seldom seen by the end of this 
Enjoy it while you can, as performer or audient or both.

my 2 cents