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Re: The Curse of Knob-Twiddling

>Live performance like print media will be seldom seen by the end of this
>Enjoy it while you can, as performer or audient or both.
>my 2 cents
>                                   b.helm

i would have to disagree with you here.  i work in the advertising 
industry and we are seeing only an expansion of print media.  yes, 
the other media portals are expanding at a rapid pace, but paper 
production, print sales and other indicators have only gone up in the 
last couple of years, despite the expansion of the web, multimedia, 
cable, etc, etc.

and i think we might see a backlash against studio produced music. 
if 'anybody' can have a studio for under $4000, and 'anybody' can cut 
and paste until the finished product has a perfect sheen, how will 
you know if the performer is actually any good unless you've seen 
them live?  if we get too jaded of this technology, the pendulum 
might swing and we will place more value on the intimacy of the live 

my 2 cents,