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Ibanez DM1100


  This is my first post to this list. I have been lurking for 
  quite a while, studying the archive, learning, and slowly  
  building up my looping rig. 

  I recently purchased an Ibanez DM1100 3.6 second rack mounted 
  delay and am pleased with it except that it begins to randomly 
  modulate the delayed sound after operating for about 15 to 20 
  minutes. Obvious Guy says it probably has something to do with 
  heat dissipation and older (circa 1985) components. 

  There are several trim pots in the delay (one controls the max delay time
  so I an squeeze out more than 3.6 seconds .. woo hoo ..!) but I can't 
  what the other trim pots are for. Does anyone have a schematic or a 
  manual for this delay ? Does it have a trim to control modulation 
sensitivity ? 
  Can I just disable the modulation somehow ? 

  P.S. I could just weave the random modulation into the soundscape and 
  it 'art' but I would prefer to have a bit more control than that. :-)

Bill Davies