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RE: Women in live looping and Producing Live Solo Looping Shows

Hey, I saw Pauline Oliveros last Sunday at a concert here in Berkeley to
benefit the Pauline Oliveros Foundation, something all of us loopers should
know about.

She presented all the artists, including Terry Riley, his son and his 
the sax player, and they played three tunes, one by each.

Pauline herself presented two of her former students with whom apparently
she has maintained a creative relationship, and they performed an amazing
piece, no doubt mostly improvisational, and although no looping hardware 
involved, there was some recurring themes.  The three of them played in
different tunings, Pauline herself playing an accordion, tuned different
from the piano, played by Dana Reason, which was tuned different from the
obscure flutes Philip Gelb was playing.  Dana Reason, by the way, a very
attractive blonde, was stunning on the keys.  We must keep an eye out for
her.  She's nearly finished with her Ph.D., and hopefully she will be
putting out some new music.

I am getting in touch with the Pauline Oliveros Foundation, as they are
actively engaged in promoting new music and new artists.  I have their
brochure here.  The Web site is http://www.deeplistening.org.

And Pauline rocks...

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  | She's been immediately mentioned the last several times this thread has
  | come up, along with several other less well known loopstresses.
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