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Re: Women who loop

        Cheryl Wanner, my lovely wife and partner in Dreamchild does vocal
looping.  She incorporates a lot of that into our live show, and into the
recorded materials as well, using a different approach/philosophy for each
environment.  In the shameless plug department, we have a new CD out,
released a month ago, called La Fee Verte.  See our site for further info 
that.  Cheryl uses a JamMan with 32 seconds of memory. She has no problem
with the name and thinks that PC sort of thing is absurd . 
        Then there are the days when I thibk I only have 32 seconds of 

Frank Gerace

At 11:29 AM 12/9/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Pauline Oliveros has been around musically since the 60's. She teaches at 
>Mills College, and a lot of people credit her with being the inventor of 
>looped music.
>There's also Cosey Fanni Tutti, the former guitarist of the band 
>Margaret Feidler is in the electronic group Laika. I'm pretty sure that 
>does a large part of the instrumentation in addition to the vocals. The 
>first 2 albums by this group are really nice. They create really nice 
>multilayered rhythms.
>And there's Alejandra Salinas from the married experimental duo Alejandra 
>Underwood. Usually her role is of coming up with cd ideas and gathering 
>source material for Aeron Bergman (Underwood) to loop and alter 
>but I think she takes part in the sound processing in their live shows.
>There's also Jane Dowe, who's a sampling musician. I only know her from 
>"Deconstructing Beck" CD, but I think she has solo releases out too.
>I'm sure there are more. There are lots in the techno and rap worlds. I 
>don't know of any female dj's who actually create music, but I'm sure 
>they're out there. As for rap, I know that Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott 
>pride in doing her own production. Lots of others too, but I don't know 
>names. The last time I heard an Ani Difranco album, she created her own 
>loops in 2 of the songs. I think that album was "Dilate".
>I know not many of these women loop solo live (well, Pauline does 
>occasionally, I think), but there are women who loop. It's pretty amazing 
>how few though.
>>From: Rick Walker <GLOBAL@cruzio.com>
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>>To: Loopers Delight <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>>Subject: Women in live looping and Producing Live Solo Looping Shows
>>Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 23:42:17 -0800
>>     Will everybody who knows a woman looper be into posting info about
>>them or convincing them to post to the group, assuming that there are
>>any.    I've noticed that the electronica world is more of a boys club
>>than even the sexist pop musical world.
>>It would be very cool if this could change.
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