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Re: Women who loop

Frank Gerace wrote:

>         Cheryl Wanner, my lovely wife and partner in Dreamchild does 
> looping.  She incorporates a lot of that into our live show, and into the
> recorded materials as well, using a different approach/philosophy for 
> environment.  In the shameless plug department, we have a new CD out,
> released a month ago, called La Fee Verte.  See our site for further 
>info on
> that.  Cheryl uses a JamMan with 32 seconds of memory. She has no problem
> with the name and thinks that PC sort of thing is absurd .
>         Then there are the days when I thibk I only have 32 seconds of 
> ...

from one mdm (memory-deficient male) to another:

i wonder on those days if she would rather be with the jamman? :-)

lance g.