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Re: feedback and loops

Use an oscillator on one side, (A) of the ring modulator and your 
on the other, (B) . Direct the output of your delay line into B and you get
an interesting, evolving timbre - anything from tinkling bells to gong- 
tones. As an added effect you could get someone to 'play' the oscillator or
control it from a foot switch.
If you get to rule the universe just remember who suggested this : )


> i recently had the brilliant idea of plugging my guitar into one input
> on a ring modulator the output of which i plugged into a delay, the 
of which
> i plugged into the other input of the ring modulator.  "i will play with
> the ring modulation of my former self and thus rule the universe!"
> the problem was, with no signal in the second input of the rm, there was
> signal to the delay and thus no signal to the second input of the rm....
> > How about feedarround? :-)
> yes!