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Re: OT: Inter-Aural Phase Cancellation?

Matthias Grob wrote:

> >Or is this just a psycho-acoustic effect,
> >whereby you are trained to ignore your own voice and thereby hear it
> >differently when presented the sound in this context.
> good idea
> I think we are simply used to hear ourselves better.

Not only, I think.
Our a cappella group has been dealing with the same phenomenon since we
started using in ear monitoring with one monitor mix for all of uns.

Figure youŽre one in a group of singers and you are _not_ using
I say youŽre used to hearing yourself quite in front of the "mix" that
reaches your ears through the air. Just by distance.
Ever tried in ear microphones and recorded yourself speaking?
You are surprised of just how loud you were if you listen to your
recording afterwards. 

So yes, IŽd confirm there is some mechanism weigthing your own voice
down while you produce it. Be it psycho-acoustic or physiologic.
And it is a constant rather than a factor:
we found that the effect is worst at a certain point of balance between
the headphone volume and what you hear of your voice "acoustically". 
So it normally helps just to vary the headphone volume. 

That is, if youŽre not too much limited by a noiseful environment in one
direction and pain in the other.

Manfred Bohnhoff