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Fw: OT: Inter-Aural Phase Cancellation?

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From: "Manfred Bohnhoff" <Manfred_Bohnhoff@t-online.de>
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Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2000 5:40 PM
Subject: Re: OT: Inter-Aural Phase Cancellation?

> Matthias Grob wrote:
> > >Or is this just a psycho-acoustic effect,
> > >whereby you are trained to ignore your own voice and thereby hear it
> > >differently when presented the sound in this context.
> >
> > good idea
> >
> > I think we are simply used to hear ourselves better.
> Not only, I think.
> Our a cappella group has been dealing with the same phenomenon since we
> started using in ear monitoring with one monitor mix for all of uns.
> Figure you´re one in a group of singers and you are _not_ using
> microphones.
> I say you´re used to hearing yourself quite in front of the "mix" that
> reaches your ears through the air. Just by distance.
> Ever tried in ear microphones and recorded yourself speaking?
> You are surprised of just how loud you were if you listen to your
> recording afterwards.
> So yes, I´d confirm there is some mechanism weigthing your own voice
> down while you produce it. Be it psycho-acoustic or physiologic.
> And it is a constant rather than a factor:
> we found that the effect is worst at a certain point of balance between
> the headphone volume and what you hear of your voice "acoustically".
> So it normally helps just to vary the headphone volume.
> That is, if you´re not too much limited by a noiseful environment in one
> direction and pain in the other.
> --
> Manfred Bohnhoff