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need advice from you experts

Hi friends-

I just discovered this list, and I need to ask some advice!

I am a full time record producer from Denver, and I also
write songs and perform solo.  I play a variety of
instruments, and need a good LIVE LOOPING DEVICE to layer
multiple instruments.  I don't need anything frilly in terms
of backwards, tempo variations, etc.  Just a good basic unit
that will allow reliable and relatively "glitch-free" live
use for adding one part at a time.  I have read all the
reviews on the loopers-delight site, and I'm a bit
overwhelmed by all the feature comparisons.  Knowing the
application I seek to use the device for- WHAT DO YOU
RECOMMEND?  Line6?  Akai?  Jam Man?  Boomerang?  YIKES!  I
just need good sound quality and ease of use.

Please reply directly to me at:

Taylor Mesplé