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I need expert advice from you folks!

Hi friends-

I'm brand new to this list- and I need advice ASAP!

I'm a full-time record producer from Denver, CO- and I'm
also a songwriter that performs solo.  I play multiple
instruments, and I need a good LIVE LOOPING DEVICE that I
can use to stack more than one instrument together in a
loop, in real-time.  I don't need features like backwards,
tempo variation, etc.- Just a good sound quality, reliable,
relatively "glitch-free" looping device that won't frustrate
the heck out of me.  I've read all the reviews and such on
the delight site, but I'm a bit overwhelmed with the
feature-based comparisons.  What would you experts recommend
to someone like me?  The Jam Man?  The 'Rang?  The Akai?
The Line6?  HELP!!!!!  :)  Thanks in advance, loopers.

Taylor Mesplé