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RE: I need expert advice from you folks!


        Hey man, that's nearly a tall order, however, I do have one 
suggestion, try
out a Boomerang.  The user interface is really simple and intuitive.  I've
had a few different loopers, and this one is probably the best bang for the
buck, especially with the new BIOS.  When you're wanting to get something a
bit more complex, and I do mean QUITE A BIT, check out the Echoplex, once
things settle down some more as far as their production goes.  The only
reason I sold mine was that I don't like the user interface and that there
was much more practice involved in getting the unit to act the way I was
wanting it to, needs to have hotkeys, or an equivalent so that more oft 
functions are not buried within menus, using a pot (or a pair of buttons 
up and down, so that you can scroll through functions rather than having to
deal with long/short press) and a second LCD would help out with this.

        Now then, for dealing with multiple instruments, let's take a 
slight page
from my book or that of Gary Lucas, use either a switch box, or a mixing
board in order to bring multiple signals into the Boomerang, it does have
two inputs, one is a 1/4" mono, and the other is an RCA (has the same for
outputs, too).  Then should you be using multiple instruments either at one
time, or be switching back and forth it'd be a matter of either giving the
switch box a good kick, or moving a (fader) pot in order to get to the new

        Another thing is to use multiple loopers, as each of the boxes 
mentioned have some other fun features to them.  The Green Line 6 box
(sorry, the designation escapes me) was lots of fun, easy to use, but only
does 14 seconds.  Really like the volume swell portion of this beastie, but
again this might not be what you're needing.  I've only played a little 
a Jam Man, and have to say that it was a great unit, albeit, since it is
discontinued, they can be more difficult to get support.

        Hope this helps out.

        Tap on, gliss extended, loop out,


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Hi friends-

I'm brand new to this list- and I need advice ASAP!

I'm a full-time record producer from Denver, CO- and I'm
also a songwriter that performs solo.  I play multiple
instruments, and I need a good LIVE LOOPING DEVICE that I
can use to stack more than one instrument together in a
loop, in real-time.  I don't need features like backwards,
tempo variation, etc.- Just a good sound quality, reliable,
relatively "glitch-free" looping device that won't frustrate
the heck out of me.  I've read all the reviews and such on
the delight site, but I'm a bit overwhelmed with the
feature-based comparisons.  What would you experts recommend
to someone like me?  The Jam Man?  The 'Rang?  The Akai?
The Line6?  HELP!!!!!  :)  Thanks in advance, loopers.

Taylor Mesplé