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Re: Tape looping/sequencing

> Anyone know if the Teac 2340 allows you to "cue'/move the reels by hand
> while in pause mode?

DISCLAIMER: My memory is somewhat vague but I'll try to recall.  I'm not
sure if I used a 2340 or a 3340, but I think the transport was identical
(the 3340 accepted larger reels).  And I'm not sure of the details though I
remember the PAUSE button quite well.

Given that, "Yes".  I used to cue the beastie all the time.  I recall the
cue worked in both PLAYBACK and SIMUL-SYNC modes.  The SIMUL-SYNC mode used
the record heads as playback heads so you could record in sync with the
playback sound.  It had a cue lever that (among other functions) disabled
the tape lifters so the tape was always in contact with the heads.  Thus 
could hear the tape even in FF or REWIND.

Hope this helps.

Dennis Leas