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Re: Tape looping/sequencing

yes, the cue lever is the magic item.

plus, the unbridled joy of looping in FOUR tracks should
keep anyone happy for a long time.

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Dennis Leas wrote:

> > Anyone know if the Teac 2340 allows you to "cue'/move the reels by hand
> > while in pause mode?
> DISCLAIMER: My memory is somewhat vague but I'll try to recall.  I'm not
> sure if I used a 2340 or a 3340, but I think the transport was identical
> (the 3340 accepted larger reels).  And I'm not sure of the details 
>though I
> remember the PAUSE button quite well.
> Given that, "Yes".  I used to cue the beastie all the time.  I recall the
> cue worked in both PLAYBACK and SIMUL-SYNC modes.  The SIMUL-SYNC mode 
> the record heads as playback heads so you could record in sync with the
> playback sound.  It had a cue lever that (among other functions) disabled
> the tape lifters so the tape was always in contact with the heads.  Thus 
> could hear the tape even in FF or REWIND.
> Hope this helps.
> Dennis Leas
> -------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com