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Re: boomerang power supply

Forgive my ignorance on the electricity specifications.  What happens 
if you use a power supply that lists MORE than your unit needs?  Does 
that mean that your unit might fry, or does it just use what it needs?

The reason i ask is that the Line 6 power supplies, that power the 
POD's, and the DL4 and their other stomp boxes, is an 9v AC supply, 
if i'm not mistaken.  However, if i remember correctly...it's 1200ma. 
I'll double check tonight.

The L6 power supply goes for about 20 bucks, i think, and they are 
available at most Guitar Centers.


>On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Bret wrote:
>>  Not sure where in the world you live, but Radio Shack sells a 9v ac
>>  adapter, I believe.  You may need to replace the barrel plug, but they
>>  stock most sizes.
>>  bret
>but look again CAREFULLY!!!!  the boomerang power supply does
>NOT convert AC -> DC... it's ac in/ ac out!! you won't be finding
>that puppy at radio shack any time soon!
>and fried boomerang just doesn't taste very good...
>>  --- Paul Sullivan <paulsull@gis.net> wrote:
>>  > My Boomerang power supply quit on me recently, and since I've
>>  > received
>>  > no reply from Mike Nelson, I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a
>>  > source for an AC adapter that puts out 9 volts AC (not DC), 300-500
>>  > ma
>>  > (power supply says 500 ma, unit says 300 ma). Ideally with the same
>>  > size
>>  > barrel as the rang, and hopefully reasonably priced. Any help much
>>  > appreciated.
>>  >
>>  > Thanks,
>>  >
>>  > Paul
>>  >
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