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Re: boomerang power supply

At 05:45 PM 12/12/00 -0500, you wrote:

>> Not sure where in the world you live, but Radio Shack sells a 9v ac
>> adapter, I believe.  You may need to replace the barrel plug, but they
>> stock most sizes.

>but look again CAREFULLY!!!!  the boomerang power supply does
>NOT convert AC -> DC... it's ac in/ ac out!! you won't be finding
>that puppy at radio shack any time soon!

Yeah, they have a couple of 'em. The more powerful one is Cat.# RSU
11918059... I'm not sure the plug tip is compatible, but it's a 9 VAC
output, 3400 mA with an 'M' plug tip (O.D. 5.5mm, I.D. 2.1 mm) for $27.99.
You'd probably have to order it, though; I don't believe it's a
regularly-stocked item.

There's also an 800 mA one with 4 selectable AC outs (9, 10.2, 12 and/or 13
VAC) for $12.99, Cat# 273-1631, same size tip. I'm not sure what the
'Rang's current demand is; 800 mA might not be enough.

You still may want to check first with Mikel Nelson to see if either of
these would fry anything, though.

Tim (no relation to Mikel, nor to Radio Shack, although I still had their
catalog on my desk from the splicing tape thread!)

ps: If Angus Young plugged his SG into a 'Rang, would they have to re-name
the band AC/AC? Boooooo.... Sorry.....