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CT Ambitative III: Six Spots Left Open

Dear Looper Delighters:

This is Javier from Berkeley. You must have already heard about the CT
Collective, a group of Looper Delighters that started sharing original 
with each other via CD compilations at the invitation of Michael Klobuchar
back in early 1999, and that now have some MP3s at loopxchange.com.

This is to invite six people who have never participated in a CT Collective
project to be a part of a new oneó the second on ambient musicóthat we are
calling "CT Ambitative III." The previous collection, "CT Ambitative 1 and
2" has been recently finished and is now being distributed. Look soon for a
notice about its availability.

We have at present six slots remaining open to complete a roster of 20
musicians. These 20 people will contribute music to be spread out over a
two-CD edition of this collection.

The object of the project is for people who want to contribute and share
some of their original ambient music for the others' enjoyment, to send one
or several pieces that add up to the number of minutes allotted to each
contributor. At this point, I would say the average time for 20 people over
two CDs is around 7 minutes, give or take a few seconds for track pauses,
folks who went over the limit, folks who didn't make the maximum, etc.

As the instigator of this second ambient-music project, I have volunteered
to collect and compile everybody's pieces, to create one master CD from
which copies will be made for everyone involved, and to print the artwork
that Lance Glover has volunteered to create for the CD package.

It is strictly a not-for-profit endeavor between people who, like you, have
an affinity and an inclination for creating ambient music; it's a way to
become aware of others who might be in a place similar to us, and to
establish a relationship with them that might be beneficial to our work.

Also, as you might know, there is one CT Collectiver in San Francisco (Matt
Davignon) who has volunteered to make extra copies of all the CT projects
available for sale for the rest of the members of the CT Collective, and 
those who in some way or another become interested and want to purchase a
copy. The actual price is rather modest, and only reflects the cost of the
materials used, as far as I know.

If you would be interested in participating, please refer to the general
guidelines below. If you join, you will become a member of one eGroup
mailing list in which you participate in the conversation leading up to the
production of your piece(s) and the final assembling of the collection.

At this point, we are only filling six spots. When the sixth person has
applied for that spot, all subsequent applications will be denied.

By contributing your music to this project you are not giving up any of the
copyright that belongs to you on your music. You are free to use your piece
in whichever way you want.

Following are the details on how to participate and what to expect. If you
are unclear about any of these issues, and become a member of the CT
Ambitative III, please ask your questions once you are a member of the

1. This is the only notice of this project on Looperís Delight that you 
see. An additional notice will only notify you that the project is closed 
new applicants.

2. Please subscribe to the "CT-Ambitative3" eGroup by sending an e-mail to
this address: CT-Ambitative3-subscribe@egroups.com. There are only six 
open, and they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. After
these slots are filled, the project will be closed to new participants. 
let you know when this is. If you do not make it to "CT Ambitative III," be
on the lookout for more CT Collective projects.

3. Your musical contribution must be original, especially made for this
project between now and the date of the deadline, and must conform to the
general notions of what ambient music is. Your musical contribution must
also use some form of loop. This should go without saying, but let us be
clear, eh? This is not OT. You will remain the owner of the copyright on
your performance and on the sound recording. You will remain free to do
whatever you like with your composition from then on. However, for the
purposes of this CT Collective Project, there will be no basis to claim
royalties or carry forth a copyright claim that is counter to the stated
objectives of the project, namely, a low-cost way for members of a
cybercommunity to hear each other's work in the manner that has been 

4. I, Javier Miranda, will do the music collecting, mastering, duping,
assembling and mailing. I live in Berkeley, California. Contributors will
send their musical piece to me. I will produce one master CD from which I
will make one copy for each contributor. I will also print the artwork for
this initial run of production. A dollar amount will be agreed upon based 
the materials used in order to produce all these CDs. You will send this
dollar amount to me prior to my shipping a copy of the work to you.

5. As with all CT Collective CDs, Matt Davignon of "Ribosome Music," in San
Francisco, California, will distribute the CD to everybody else.

6. Most likely, MP3 files of this project will be available on none other
than Mr. Morgan Hamilton Langís "LoopXchange" Web site,
http://www.loopxchange.com. But this is not a promise.

7. I have good processing software, and Iíll be able to normalize your 
so its amplitude will be in the same level as all other tracks for the CD.
If it needs some noise reduction, Iíll work on that, but Iíll have you
listen to it somehow before burning the final master. Last thing we need is
some of your music missing because of noise reduction. If you donít want 
noise reduction, please say so.

8. You may send your tune to me via USPS on a CD in WAV format preferably,
but I will be able to handle other computer sound formats, a regular audio
CD, an audio cassette, etc. I canít listen to MD discs or digital tape at
this time. Please try not to send me an MP3 or a Real Audio file, as this 
very low quality when compared to the WAV format. I will try my best to 
this CD sound the best it can. I will return all materials you provide. 
tell you later of my address where to send your contribution.

9. In two 70-minute CDs, 20 contributors each get roughly 7 minutes to 
for track pause and other inconveniencesó and can use this time for one or
several pieces of ambient music.  But 7 minutes will be the limit for
everybody.  Tracks longer than 7 minutes I will edit at my discretion.  
as many different sounds and textures as you can in there while at the same
time making it sound bare and beautiful.

10. The deadline for submission will be Wednesday 15 March 2001. Any
submission not in my hands by Wednesday afternoon when the Post Office
closes (Pacific time), will not make the CD. Barring horrible delays in the
delivery systems, medical emergencies, and other substantial reasons which
will be considered with great kindness, no exceptions will be made.

11. Have fun!

Javier Miranda V.
Berkeley, Calif.