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RE: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #400 - Headrush question

I just got an Akai headrush, and I noticed something.  I wonder if my unit
is faulty or if they are all like this (I have no manual for it, BTW).

I create a loop.  WHen I play over it, the loop is at teh same volume so 
two drown each other out to a certain extent.  If I turn the level knob
down, NOTHING happens until I get it to about 9 o'clock.  Then I notice 
the green looping LED blinks once, and the volume cuts down.  Unfortuantely
at this volume level (only slightly below the volume if I had the Level
turned all the way up), when I solo over the rhythm, while I am hitting
notes the lopp volum drops severely, and then cuts back in when I stop, 
like a dynamic delay does.

Can I cut the volume down w/o having it start acting like a dynamic delay?
I tried starting the loop recording at different settings on the "Level"
knob, but it makes no difference.

Can I possibly replace that pot or what?


Alex F/Brain21

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