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Re: Tape Looping/Teac2340

> Hi everyone,
>   This is a pretty obscure question ......
>  Anyone know if the Teac 2340 allows you to "cue'/move the reels by hand
>  while in pause mode?
I have the 3340 model, which as Dennis says is the same apart from the 
However it lacks the lever which he describes, the only way to scrub is to 
the tape out from between the pinch roller and capstan ( while NOT 
and then making it run over the top of the capstan. You can then press 
and manouver the tape manually, although you have to watch that the reels
will both be pulling the tape towards them, so if one happens to pull more 
than the other the tape will want to go that way.
This isn't a very 'tidy' technique, and if you take too long the capstan 
rub a smooth patch on the back of the tape. It does work however, I have 
edits to prove it.
Presumably there's other non-editing type decks out there which you
could use like this.

Andy Butler