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RE: so cal gig spam

The drummer, Scott Amendola, is the same from the Charlie Hunter Trio
("Ready, Set... Shango!" and "Natty Dread"), with Charlie Hunter again on
the "Return of the Candyman" album and the two TJ Kirk albums, as well as
appearing or recording with Pat Martino, Joe Gore, Bill Frisell, John Zorn
and Primus.  So, I dig him, is what I'm saying.  Too bad I've 1600 miles

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no. free improv.no vocs. different band, same name?

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     Is this the same kind of heavy-sounding thrash Stinkbug?! with some
     growling vocals?


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      scott amendola: drumset

      nels cline: guitars, loopage

      steuart liebig: basses, loopage

      ge stinson: guitars, loopage

      knitting factory hollywood

      sunday, 17 december 2000

      alterknit lounge

      two sets: first at 8:00 p.m. (i'd call club to verify)

      8 smackers.