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RE: Johnson JStation VS. Line6 Pod

i also swear by johnson amps. i've been playing the stereo 150 for a smudge
over 2 years now. it has replaced 200 plus pounds of rack gear. so far so
good very solid amp. i've done over a few hundred shows with this amp with
no errors for johnson. (knock on wood ...)i have no j-station experience
myself but my friends swear by it. use your ears and pick your winner.

best wishes,
jimmy george

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Subject: OT: Johnson JStation VS. Line6 Pod


I've been doing more recording than playing lately, and it's made me think
that a good tube modeling preamp may be the way to go.  I bought a Line 6
Spyder, and I like it, but I've been seeing the Johnson JStation around.  I
know the Line 6 is held in pretty high regard.  I also know that Adrian
Belew swears by Johnson amps.

Any opinions welcome.