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Re: OT help with Logic Audio please


Thanks for your ear.  I'm trying to sync an adat xt to
my logic ISIS program.  I use the Guillemont card and
am hooking up the adat with the alesis adat PCR card. 
LAW will controll the adat transport just fine, but
will not move it's own transport when synced!!!! I
hope this makes sense to you.  Does anyone have a
solution for me?

Also, I did get it to sync a couple of times and when
I tried to record an audio signal comming through the
guillemont card, LAW recorded it for a few seconds and
then dropped out of recording for no aparant reason. 
I checked the audio window and I had the recording
time set for 5 min.

Thanks for your thoughts,
Dan Sumner
New Orleans
--- Alyosha Barreiro <balyosha@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi my name is Alyosha
> I use Logic very often, so if I can help you let me
> know.
> It is a greate program, greate that you got it.
> Alyosha
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