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ground control to Major Hum (OT, sorta...)

gentleLoopers, your advise please (and god help me, i'm in for it now)

i am using a performance rig chock-a-block with typical performace rig componants and connections. scads o stomp boxes, and all typical tip/ring connectors.

except for one componant, the last thing in the chain - a dbx 160A compresser that wants (ideally)  balanced input/output (i'm using the 1/4 inch jacks). now, sometimes i get hum from this unit and have to lift the ground on the overall ac, which i sorta hate doing, but, hell, when ya gotta go...

in anyone's estimatiion, should i be using TRS connectors even tho i have no balanced lines anywhere else in the rig? somehow that just doesn't seem right to me, but....

i think there's a chance that polarity flakiness in the building i'm located in may have something to do with this - but you can usually file that with "grasping at straws" and "the dog ate my homework".

more information on a setup that would make rube goldberg proud can be fingered at:


thanking you for your expertise & indulgence, and you can reply off-list if it seems too non-loop.

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