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Concert this Friday night

This Friday night, Dec 15th, my band Overdrive Date Master will  perform
our annual holiday show in Phila PA .


ODM (as we're know to our fan) play one show a year that is part
carnival sideshow, part thrift store extravaganza, and all heart. We
show up in jumpsuits (swiss lettered with the band name of course) mix
various strange records together at the wrong speeds and tie it all
together with Binky our windup monkey as a drummer. There will be candy,
dancing, and all sorts of other nonsense in a performance art sort of
way. Christmas lights, candle, a live mandolin player and more await you

on this magical evening. Hell, we may even play a song. Maybe.

Fresh (?) off the heels of my Sept. shows at the Fringe Festival I have
evidently gained some undeserved credibility and this show will take
place at the monthly concert series promoted and paid for by the
University of Pennsylvania. It's free and open to the public and there
will be all sorts of other nonsense including performance artist/dancer
the great  Quentini (a 6 1/2 foot, 140 pound man in a giant bird
costume) and other bands with names like Seaweed soup and the like.
There will also be a DJ.

Come out and celebrate the holidays with a windup monkey, robots, and
music that sounds like Burl Ives getting a handjob from a fire hydrant.
Plus candy! If you're in Phila. there is write-up in the Citypaper (P
34) this week.

'da facts:

When: This Friday night, Dec 15th. 8-11 PM (we go on around 9 PM)

Where: The Rotunda, a beautiful church at the corner of 40th and Walnut
St. There is plenty of safe parking on the street (I know, I've been to
many of these shows).

Who: Overdrive Date Master (My "band"). Seaweed Soup, Meisha, and the
great Quentini.

When (again); Show starts at 8PM and is over at 11:00. I believe we're
going on around 9 PM and will probably make a racket for about 45
minutes. Don't worry, it'll seem like a lot longer.

Cost: FREE!!! (Cider and Snacks will also be free.)

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