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OT: Welcome back

Wow.  A conversion.  Next we just need a baptism of some sort.

I don't know what sort of email client you're using (or if it's web-based
or whatever), but I've got mine here at work and a home to automatically
divert any mail with the text "looper" in the address, subject heading or
body of the message to a separate folder "LoopMail."  From there I can
ignore it until I really feel like reading and it doesn't distract me from
work, etc.  Works pretty well, except when the reply address is not
"Loopers-Delight@loppers-delight.com," as occasionally happens.  I'd
investigate your client and see if there's not an "agent" or "rules"
function that can help you sort the deluge out.


Oh, and I'll see you guys in Austin if it ever materializes.  You wanna
ride together, Jim?

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Aha , this loopers delight thing is getting better, didn't know so many
people would reply the way they did, thanx to those who offered kind
advice. Much appreciated.Wasn't aware of a subscription service like this
and even if it was on the website telling me about it , i don't remember .
i'm going to not unsubscribe as even though i get a fuckload of mail, which
was my original concern, i can see da benefit mon, you know what i'm

peace and out