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Re: Space Station

I really dig my Space Station.  I mostly use it for
the volume pedal in solo looping, but I've started
jamming with a bassist and drummer, and I'm finding
cool uses for some of the other settings as well,
especially the synth swells and the "Time Machine"
forward/reverse rocker.  I do wish some of the effects
weren't so extreme - particularly the
resonator/filters, and the sample/hold, which tends to
drown out my original guitar signal (it won't replace
a wah or autowah for functionality).  Then again, I
don't have the bills to pick up a 2120 to get at the
programmability issue.  You can find the Digitech
stuff at decent prices on eBay and elsewhere, but I
really recommend that you try a unit out before you
buy - particularly this one, since the sounds are so
extreme and idiosyncratic.


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