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Re: Space Station vs. Deluxe Memory Man

i luv my space station if only for simplicitys sake-however, its in the 
for the second time since i got it :-(  and as far as 'coloring my guitar
sound', drenches is more like it!!   ...stanner
>From: Rich Grasso <planet_three@inorbit.com>
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Space Station vs. Deluxe Memory Man
>Date: Fri, Dec 15, 2000, 9:40 AM

>Hello All.
>I'm looking for something a little extra to color my guitar sound before 
>gets to my delay system and was wondering what all of you thought of  
>two units.
>I used to work with someone who had a DMM and I loved the sound of it, but
>the Space Station also seems cool and a big plus is that I can (possibly?)
>use it as a volume pedal as well ( my existing volume pedal is getting a 
>old and scratchy).
>Any thoughts? I'd also take other suggestions in this price range
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