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RE: Space Station vs. Deluxe Memory Man

> I used to work with someone who had a DMM and I loved the sound of it, 
> the Space Station also seems cool and a big plus is that I can 
> use it as a volume pedal as well ( my existing volume pedal is getting a 
> old and scratchy).
> Any thoughts? I'd also take other suggestions in this price range
> (US$150-200)

If you can go the extra hundred dollars or so for a used Digitech 2120 and 
pedal, you'll have an absolutely sick amount of processing power; more 
twice the power of a Space Station, and fully programable. There's enough 
power for 2 10 second loops, and functions for sampler, 'slo-gear' style 
reverse guitar, and much more.

For any of you how already have one, or one of the other Digitech 
programmable units or pedals, (RP21, Valve-fx, JM-150) you owe it to 
yourself to get ahold of the RPEdit patch programmer. It's freeware, and 
very useful indeed. There was a new beta released last week (don't let the 
beta fool you - I haven't found any bugs yet).