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Re: OT - Recording Software for Mac

Opcode are history and so is Studio Vision.
I'd avoid Cubase if I were you, I had a lot of problems with it (as did a
lot of people) it's best feature (vst plugins) are now available for any 
I recommend MOTU Digital Performer, I find it to be the most user friendly
and well thought out of the bunch, to run vst plugs you need to get Pluggo
or Audio Ease's VST shell, also the Logic range is very good but a little
more work to learn.

Martin Shellard 

> Isn't Deck a Bias product now? Like as in Bias Peak and Bias Deck. And is
> Opcode still around? I'm still trying to figure out what happened to 
> Can you still get Opcode software?
> You might want to check out Steinberg products. They just released Cubase
> VST 5.0 which can record at 32-bits floating point and 96kHz. Also, they
> will be releasing Nuendo for the Mac soon, which has up to 200 channels 
> 8 speaker surround sound. But, Steinberg stuff tends to be more expensive
> than most of the others.
> Ben Porter.