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Re: Tape Looping/Teac2340

>  > Do you know which model has the built-in edit block and varispeed.
>Thats the PR99 mkIII, maybe other models as well
>>   all the Revox r-to-r's made for editing? I always see the A77 and B77
>>   models on sale on ebay, are these made for editing?
>A77 .old model, most don't have 15ips, won't have varispeed unless
>   it's been modified (quite common).
>B77 ...often used as an editing machine.
>I looked up Revox in the 1975 Hifi YearBook they were selling the
>"77 Series" then which doesn't look from the picture to be 'edit 
>I actually had an A77 for a brief time but can't remember whether
>it was OK for edits.

B77 is much better to access.
And it sounds better and looks better and probably is cheap by now 

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