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Re: Tape Looping/Teac2340

> Do you know which model has the built-in edit block and varispeed.

Thats the PR99 mkIII, maybe other models as well

>  all the Revox r-to-r's made for editing? I always see the A77 and B77
>  models on sale on ebay, are these made for editing?

A77 .old model, most don't have 15ips, won't have varispeed unless
  it's been modified (quite common).
B77 ...often used as an editing machine.
I looked up Revox in the 1975 Hifi YearBook they were selling the
"77 Series" then which doesn't look from the picture to be 'edit friendly'.
I actually had an A77 for a brief time but can't remember whether 
it was OK for edits.