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Re: Re: What is a "Tube Pre amp"?

this post is OT

You never know recording your own samples may not actually be of topic.

I'm just starting to play around with looping and what I can create with it
(which usually just turn into 3-17 minutes of monotony)

Right now I'm working with sequencing and looping before hand and just
tweaking the various loops.  I don't have the skill or equipment yet to do
any interactive looping as of yet.  But one thing that I have been doing is
trying to record my own riffs and the riffs of my friends.  fairly
unsuccessfully I might add.  can't seem to get any quality out of the
but I was wondering what kind of hardware I would need to sample my own
instrument loops.  Both instruments with output jacks and instruments
needing a mic.  I have all the instruments I need, all I need is a way to
record them properly.

Malthius Malphaedrius