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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #408

Hi!  Just got back to email today...I've been away for a few days...

Yes!  I dug out my old machine and it is indeed a TEAC A-3340S.  That
explains the extra lever!

Dennis Leas

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> > > Maybe Dennis had the 3440 (Dennis?).
> >
> >  I've been meaning to check.  I think I still have the beastie over in 
> >  corner somewheres...I'll write a note to myself and check tonight
> >  More news on Monday.
> Well I visited a friend last night, and saw (by chance) some old Teac
> Leaflets.
> The 3340S  has the editing lever, which the 3340 does not.
> The two look very similar apart from the transport controls, which
> are all simple push buttons in the 'S' model, which has 'logic 
> transport (=eats less tapes).
> Andy Butler