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[show spam] Hilflos Kind in Anaheim, CA - 12/23/2000

My apologies for cross-posting, off-topic posting, etc.  Please delete if
aren't interested and forward to event-friendly lists where welcome.  I'm
hoping that some people will be interested in coming out to hear me.

I'm performing my first show as Hilflos Kind this Saturday, December 23,
2000 at the AAA Electra 99 Art Gallery in Anaheim, CA.  DJ group Epselon 5
will also be performing following my set.

My show will include use of live looping, some circuit bent toys, as well 
processing of radio static and my optical theremin, Talking Tina.  I will
also be playing native american flute.  The entire set will probably be
about 30-50 minutes including improvisational as well as rehearsed pieces.

hilflos kind with Epselon 5

"static noise layered with gutteral growls.  the gentle meandering of flute
that seems to call to indigenous souls of cultures past." -- last sigh
magazine (http://www.lastsigh.com/ )

Audience participation welcome: bring a drum, kitchen appliance, kazoo,
recorder, toy, etc.

SAT 12.23.2000, 9 PM, $5
AAA Electra 99 Art Gallery
Anaheim, CA

http://www.hilfloskind.com/  for info/directions/sounds
AAA Electra 99: 714.666.1805