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argh... my head hurts...

Howdy Italo and all,

yeah, I've read all the posts at loopers-delight.com, and then some... 
shifting is VERY important to me, but for voice pitch shifting  I'm 
of using Digitech's Vocalist Workstation EX, for two simple reasons: 1. It
can do a crowd of colored girls' background with this thingie (I've tried)
and 2. I already have it. BUT, I also want screaming, crying, hysterically
bitching and emotionally out of control guitar sound, and I was hoping to
dig it out from two Pulsar I cards in a PC box. After some fooling around
with the dedicated Pulsar (2x & linked) box, I'm beginning to have some
serious doubts about achieving that with the Creamware stuff. It's unreal
(great) for synths, though...
Right now I am killing myself over two alternatives for the guitar sound I
hear CLEARLY in my head, but cannot deliver it into a real world. Should I
try  Capybara 320/Kyma, with it's (possibly) 8 ins/outs (which is a BIG +),
or should I shoot for DSP7000...? Orville, as much as I love what I hear
about it, is out of my reach within a reasonable amount of time, so it
really is C230K vs. DSP7k struggle. I'm not asking you to make decision for
me, I would probably hafta kill you later if *WE* was wrong... hehehe Just
in your opinion: which would be better to achieve this
ordinary-woman-behavior-guitar-sound, C230K or DSP7k ?
Quite recently I was bidding on DSP4000 at E-bay, but due to a continuous
self-education, I was really happy to be outbid by some other guy and (with
the newly acquired knowledge about DSP7k - RTFM) didn't event think about
challenging him. And on top of it, after that auction I found about 
God, I hate them at symbolicsound.com, life used to be so simple... Anyway,
things went rather well at E-bay, I didn't get the DSP4k (hehe) and I got
the additional time to realize, that anything below C230K or DSP7k  is..
well... unacceptable.
I'm a house rat, meaning I will never do live gigs, thus being tied up to a
PC box is not a bother to me. That would count toward C230K. However, that
screaming, crying, hysterically bitching and emotionally out of control
guitar sound is something I MUST have, and I'm not sure if C230K can
deliver. What do you think?