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Re: argh... my head hurts...

Hello JARA
no doubt about the choice, Eventide or(and) Kyma!!! I would consider 
for its double dsp power, 8ins/8outs and quad audio modules, like mixers, 
PITCH SHIFTING: NO WAY!!! Eventide has the best! Don't even consider 
Digitech toys:once you'll hear it everything will sound different for your 
ears. New software V2.705 allows Orville to have 24 voices of chromatic, 
diatonic or reverse shifting, with 2 seconds delay each!!!
Building a patch matrix with  delays users can add even more delay to 
them!!! Sound quality is PRISTINE CLEAR ! ! ! No HopE elsewhere.
Kyma is a monster workstation!!! Great at any kind of Synthesis and 
sampling...love its granular synthesis!!! If you need hi quality verbs it 
could be a long thing to do though and I'm not sure if you can get the 
Orville's quality. But still we're talking GREAT systems! If you work at 
home Kyma can be a pleasure...I wouldn't dare to go LIVE with it! Orville 
gives you more REAL TIME approach to everything. With Kyma it seems you 
to plan things more ahead of time. Still Kyma can do things that Orville 
DOESN'T KNOW at all!
Choice depends on your working way and feeling for the 2 different 
I wish I had both! If I had them, still I would go live ONLY with Orville.
You can do extensive vocals and gtr processing at the same time with it, 
problem! You can even superimpose aspects of one audio source on the 
interactive processing...Kyma does that too and much more. I don't know 
about preamps! I love what you can do with Orville and I'd like to know 
about it from Kyma users!
Lucky you didn't get a DSP4000! It's a great unit! I worked with it for 5 
years but today it just won't fit more extended and experimental uses & 
The gtr sound you heard in my mp3 is a crunchy preamp into a pitch shifter 
with an lfo controlling pitch vibrato, switched by a footcontroller...gtr 
played wit E-bow. All in 1 dsp Orville, working at about 35% of its total 
power!!! Huge room for more activity.            ciao Italo

>From: "maugli" <maugli@intermess.com>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Subject: argh... my head hurts...
>Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 19:03:51 -0700
>Howdy Italo and all,
>yeah, I've read all the posts at loopers-delight.com, and then some... 
>shifting is VERY important to me, but for voice pitch shifting  I'm 
>of using Digitech's Vocalist Workstation EX, for two simple reasons: 1. It
>can do a crowd of colored girls' background with this thingie (I've tried)
>and 2. I already have it. BUT, I also want screaming, crying, hysterically
>bitching and emotionally out of control guitar sound, and I was hoping to
>dig it out from two Pulsar I cards in a PC box. After some fooling around
>with the dedicated Pulsar (2x & linked) box, I'm beginning to have some
>serious doubts about achieving that with the Creamware stuff. It's unreal
>(great) for synths, though...
>Right now I am killing myself over two alternatives for the guitar sound I
>hear CLEARLY in my head, but cannot deliver it into a real world. Should I
>try  Capybara 320/Kyma, with it's (possibly) 8 ins/outs (which is a BIG 
>or should I shoot for DSP7000...? Orville, as much as I love what I hear
>about it, is out of my reach within a reasonable amount of time, so it
>really is C230K vs. DSP7k struggle. I'm not asking you to make decision 
>me, I would probably hafta kill you later if *WE* was wrong... hehehe Just
>in your opinion: which would be better to achieve this
>ordinary-woman-behavior-guitar-sound, C230K or DSP7k ?
>Quite recently I was bidding on DSP4000 at E-bay, but due to a continuous
>self-education, I was really happy to be outbid by some other guy and 
>the newly acquired knowledge about DSP7k - RTFM) didn't event think about
>challenging him. And on top of it, after that auction I found about 
>God, I hate them at symbolicsound.com, life used to be so simple... 
>things went rather well at E-bay, I didn't get the DSP4k (hehe) and I got
>the additional time to realize, that anything below C230K or DSP7k  is..
>well... unacceptable.
>I'm a house rat, meaning I will never do live gigs, thus being tied up to 
>PC box is not a bother to me. That would count toward C230K. However, that
>screaming, crying, hysterically bitching and emotionally out of control
>guitar sound is something I MUST have, and I'm not sure if C230K can
>deliver. What do you think?

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