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Re: what is your favorite hardaware sequencer?????????

The Akai MPC2000XL would be my choice, 64 MIDI/sampler tracks, muting 
of sixteen on one screen at a time with the drum pads, naming of 
tracks, built in sampler, etc.


>I like my Roland MC-80 - 16 tracks with mute and solo
>for each.  i haven't used it for live work, but others
>at the egroups discussion group have.  It supports
>creation of live loops to some extent.  Check out the
>discussion group archives at
>-- Funkyboost@aol.com wrote:
>>  i'm planning to buy a hardware sequencer to play
>>  live
>>  of coourse i'm looking for the most interesting
>>  sequencer for live music
>>  i mean i want to play sequences live and have tha
>>  possibility of muting
>>  unmuting
>  > changing parameters loading sequences while playing