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Re: what is your favorite hardaware sequencer?????????

I've been using an mc303 as a sequencer, but i found it a bit a shame. 
Great percussive sounds, but an horrible programming section. Now I've 
got a Miditemp Mp88, which is a midi sequencer, plus a midi matrix 
patch bay with 8 midi I/O, you can do almost with it, plus in one of 
its newest incarnations, the MP88W you have the possibility of an 
internal wavetable, with stereo in and outs.It has a floppy and 
internal/external SCSI for Hard Disks, plus miditemp has created a 
program for Win95, 98 etc. to program it via computer. It is fully 
compatible with midi files, and the 8 ins and the 8 outs are totally 
independent one from the other. Plus you get a remote controller, with 
which you can open or close every iin or out in real time, just 
pressing a pair of buttons. The routing can be independent from the
files you send, and it can store in memory up to 128 matrix 
configurations. Resolution is higher than some software sequencers.
If you can, give it a try.
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Subject: what is your favorite hardaware sequencer?????????

> i'm planning to buy a hardware sequencer to play live
> i performed during one year with a 1040 ste on stage but i won't do 
> anymore...
> i bought the shaltwerk wich exceted me very much at the begining but 
> can't
> take on stage because of its problems of sync ....
> don't tell me to buy a MPC 3000 i'm not rich enough
> of coourse i'm looking for the most interesting sequencer for live 
> i mean i want to play sequences live and have tha possibility of 
> unmuting
> changing parameters loading sequences while playing
> i heard about different stuffs :
> ALESIS MMT 8 ,KAWAI X80 ,ENSONIQ ASRX ASRX pro,other new yamaha stuffs
> just let me know your oppinion