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Re: what is your favorite hardaware sequencer?????????

> > i'm planning to buy a hardware sequencer to play live

> >  i bought the shaltwerk wich exceted me very much at the begining but
> that I  can't take on stage  because of its problems   > of sync ....

I'm very curious to know what sync problems you are having with the Doepfer
Shaltwerk. That machine is a top of the line integrated live sequencer and
quite frankly I don't know of any other midi or CV sequencer that has that
much live tweakable control in it. In the US they are not cheap and I've
never heard from any user about any sync problems. Given what you must have
paid for it I'd seriously look into why you are experiencing problems with
it before I went out and bought another machine. It could be malfunctioning
or you could have it set up wrong but either way you owe it to yourself to
look into using that fabulous machine before dumping it. I know many 
synth musicians who swear that is one of the best live sequencers around 
then do all sorts of syncing via midi, CV/gate triggering, etc as well as
slaving other machines to the Shaltwerk.

In other sequencers on the low end I've used an Alessis MMT8 and Kawaii Q80
extensively. I wrote a comparison between the two here:
http://www.voicenet.com/~legion/mmt8.htm which should give you some ideas 
the features and live use.

These days I mostly use machines with integrated sequencers or arpeggiators
in them. The Korg ER1 drum machine has the classic roland X0X style 16 step
programming systems as well as some amazing internal sounds. The MAM SQ16
also has this and is a stand alone midi sequencer which might be worth a

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