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Video Performance (Cambridge, MA) Thursday 12.28.00

Hi folks.

I'll be doing video improvisations with the band Urban Ambience at 
the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge on Thursday evening. This 
concludes a series of performances that have been artistically 
rewarding for myself and the band. I hope some of you can make it.

 From the Urban's announcement

Urban Ambience will conclude their 1/2 year monthly residency at the
Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge
(Last Thursday of every month) on Dec. 28th.
Joining Urban Ambience (Chuck U., Michael Bloom and Bob McCloskey) will be
Mr. Curt on guitar and e-bow..

Also live video art by Dr. T (Emile Tobenfeld)
and photo-slides by Chuck & Di.

Urban Ambience will begin their extended set at 9:15pm

Prior to their performance will be a screening of short films by
underground Cezch film maker and performance artist, Milan Kohout.

Zeitgeist Gallery is located 312  Broadway at the corner of Norfolk St. in
Cambridge, near Central and Inman Sqs. Please call 617-623-1065 for 
directions and more information.

"Once the search is in progress, something will be found"

-- Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt

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